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School Board    
Joe Herring
Sheryl Massart
Johnnie Billman
Lanelle Galindo
Linda Hargrove
Brent Prescher

Terry Townley

Superintendent Principal
Pat Garrett Michele Garza
Secretary/Business Manager Secretary/PEIMS
Karen Prescher Rhonda Terrell

All Level  
Counselor/SpSer Christy Halbert christy.halbert@walnutspringsisd.net
Special Ed CassieStClair cassie.stclair@walnutspringsisd.net

Pre-Kindergarten Yolanda Gilbert yolanda.gilbert@walnutspringsisd.net
Kindergarten Sue Dickinson sue.dickinson@walnutspringsisd.net
1st Grade Jana Whatley jana.whatley@walnutspringsisd.net
2nd Grade Mayme Schwarz mayme.schwarz@walnutspringsisd.net
3rdGrade Glenda Phillips glenda.phillips@walnutspringsisd.net
4thGrade Lisa Weatherley lisa.weatherley@walnutspringsisd.net
5th Grade> Cindi Jones cindi.jones@walnutspringsisd.net
PE PK-5 Clayton Williams clayton.williams@walnutspringsisd.net

Junior High  
ELA / Writing Joanne Allred joanne.allred@walnutspringsisd.net
Math Gene Carter gene.carter@walnutspringsisd.net
Science/Social Studies Julia Snyder julia.snyder@walnutspringsisd.net
JH Girls Athletics Keith Jones danielle.mills@walnutspringsisd.net
JH Boys Athletics Tim Trotter tim.trotter@walnutspringsisd.net

High School
English9-12 Pam Avance pam.avance@walnutspringsisd.net
Science Tommy Hogg tommy.hogg@walnutspringsisd.net
Music, Band Allen Jackson allen.jackson@walnutspringsisd.net
HS Math Danielle Mills danielle.mills@walnutspringsisd.net
Family/Consumer Sci Molly Molen molly.molen@walnutspringsisd.net
>Social Studies Tim Trotter tim.trotter@walnutspringsisd.net
Ag Science> Tommy Webb tommy.webb@walnutspringsisd.net
Girls' PE Keith Jones keith.jones@walntuspringsisd.net
Boys's PE Tim Trotter tim.trotter@walnutspringsisd.net


AD/Boys Athletics Tim Trotter tim.trotter@walnutspringsisd.net
Assistant Boys Clayton Williams clayton.williams@walnutspringsisd.net
JH / HS Girls Danielle Mills danielle.mills@walnutspringsisd.net
Assistant Girls Keith Jones keith.jones@walnutspringsisd.net

Cafeteria Deborah Anderson deborah.anderson@walnutspringsisd.net
Cafeteria Adiela Hearstill adiela.heartsill@walnutspringsisd.net
Aide Misty Hanshew misty.hanshew@walnutspringsisd.net
Aide Paula Jones paula.jones@walnutspringsisd.net
Aide Yolanda Reynolds yolanda.reynolds@walnutspringsisd.net
Aide Sandra Uloth sandra.uloth@walnutspringsisd.net
Maint/Janitor Bob Riley bob.riley@walnutspringsisd.net
Maint/Janitor Albert Wellborn albert.welborn@walnutspringsisd.net
Kevin Brister BCEC Transition Designee/Coordinator

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The Walnut Springs ISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs, activities, or hiring practices. Inquiries regarding the Title IX policies should be directed to the Director of Human Resources at Walnut Springs School, PO Box 63, Walnut Springs, TX 76690 or (254) 797-2133.
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